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Propaganda clothing brand is a brand that today reflects the true face of Italian streetwear, the brand today sees its project born over 15 years ago take hold and become increasingly popular among young people and beyond.

The brand grows was born in Rome in 2006 and it is in the Rome of those years and from the genius of its founder Noyz Narcos that the project that today is depopulating everywhere comes to light.

Thanks to the notoriety of the founder, his record label and a team of street artists here are presented the first Propaganda sweatshirts and t-shirts Propaganda clothing that literally make the fans of rapper Noyz go crazy all over Italy.

Thanks to the help of the record label and collaborations with major exponents of the rap scene, the brand takes little time to go viral among the youth of Italy’s street culture scene.

Like an oil stain Propaganda expands everywhere dressing more and more people in its t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Noyz Narcos Propaganda founder continues in the following years to push from north to south with his music, meanwhile social and powerful testimonials give credibility to the brand that still today remains radical about the choices made. Famous brand yes of course, but still niche and above all represents 100% street life with all its facets.

The success is also due to graphics of Propaganda t-shirts and Propaganda sweatshirts that thanks to its now famous snake logo designed by graphic designer Scarful, made a project born for a few go viral throughout the territory.

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It is a word that has a deep meaning that means propagation of faith in ancient times while today instead Propaganda is an action that is spread through various means such as television, newspapers, radio and all media in a perpetual way that tend to put a certain kind of message in people’s heads by changing and acting on public opinion.

The name found by Noyz Narcos is simply brilliant and destined to stay forever and everyone wants a Propaganda Noyz Narcos sweatshirt to wear, positive and real propaganda that makes the brand super real from the north to the south of the Italian peninsula.



More and more people want a Propaganda sweatshirt man.The top today is to dress the brand of Noyz at 360 degrees, throughout Italy The snake logo or ribs is sought after and trendy and has now gone viral in every algole of the nation. The brand’s collections are full of patterns that reflect street life in the most real and exclusive way possible.

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The brand is advertised in major Italian cities with huge billboards towering over our heads. It is safe to say that Propaganda dominates the stretchwear market without a shadow of a doubt. Make an exclusive garment yours today and join the family.



Propaganda t shirts are sought after with spectacular graphics. Each season the propaganda clothing brand Noyz Narcos and his team come up with topical themes related to the world of the street and streetwear culture.

The team of artists leaves nothing to chance, in the collections you have the best of street art put on a garment. The brand is here to give you only the best all exclusively 100% “made in Italy”.

Each collection is designed and generated according to a well-spaced theme. The team of propaganda graphic designers knows their stuff and the brand never stops being on top of demands. The realness factor is always present giving the brand a high position in the street ranking.

Designed to last and always be on top propaganda uses the best materials to construct all its garments.

Today the brand is undoubtedly the most sought-after on the street among young people in all categories.


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